Saturday, September 27, 2008

Disneyland, USA

Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth! (Thats what the back of the card says, not me :)))
Though you can see it as a Happy place indeed...

Nighttime Brilliance

Every summer evening, as part of the show in Disneyland after dark, the thrilling Fantasy in the Sky fireworks burst over Sleeping Beauty Castle

so thats what you can see on the card...the Sleeping Beauty Castle...I actually thought this was the general entrance of Disneyland but i was wrong...obviously :)

Ive never been to this Disneyland (in California)..Ive only been to the one in Paris, and of course, loved it! Though i still think my expectations were way too high and there was some disappointment, but on the whole, i loved it...I just cant recall there were postcards...there was a souvenir shop, where i bought a mug (with Goofy and paid something like 12 euros for it...which lets admit a lot for a mug, but since I absolutely love mugs and collect them, i just had to have one from there....if i could, i would have bought all available ones :))...and now that i think of that shop, there probably were postcards and all, but i guess i just hadnt noticed them....too would have been nice to have them :(

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