Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Castlegar, Canada

I got this card from my pen-pal Charity, back in 2001, when she visited Castlegar...

The card shows the Hugh Keenleyside Dam, which as Charity says, is used for storing water only, and that its not a power generator dam...well..maybe things have changed in the meantime, i dont know..

from the back of the card:

B.C. hydro completed this storage dam in 1968, which is situated at Castlegar's northern boundary on the Lower Arrow Lakes. A powerhouse is planned that will produce approximately 210 megawatts. Boat locks enable pleasure boaters to cruise Columbia river from Washington State to as far north as Revelstoke, B.C.

you all know im not a stamp collector, but i find some interesting or cool, so i think its nice to post them as well....this is one of them...it represents the year of the snake (according to the Chinese horoscope)...Im born in the year of the monkey, so it would be cool to have that :) Actually, i think it would be cool to have all of them (in case there is a whole series of these stamps with all the animals at the Chinise horoscope)

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C. Fraser said...

there is a whole series of chinese horoscope stamps! i will see if i have any extras and will send them your way! =)