Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vargem Grande do Sul, Brazil

Ok, im starting to have real trouble regarding the Brazilian cards...unless its a card from some of the major places/sites in Brazil, i can barely find some extensive info in English...its all in Portuguese...and as well, im having trouble with that "do Sul" thing, which is a part of some cities...coz regarding this one, at some sites, it says "Varem Grande" at others "Varem Grande do Sul"...so which one is right? and what exactly does "do Sul" stand for? coz ive seen it as a part of some other cities as well...does it mean that its a city in the southern part of the country or im rambling nonsense?! :) And if yes, does it mean there is a city with the same name in lets say northern part as well? or would it be ok if i completely leave out 'do Sul'?
Yeah, i can hear my dear Portuguese-speaking readers laughing right now, entertained by my way of figuring out things....but really, i could use some help here :))))

As for the card itself...it says "Capela de Santo Antonio", construida em 1929, demolida em 1979....so I guess its a chapel called St. Antonio, built in 1929, and demolished in 1979......am i right??

Well, as i have already said, i couldnt provide any additional info regarding this one...so in case there is something you can share with me, please leave it in the comment...id be really thankful...or for any future cards with lack of info...feel free to take part in it...i greatly appreciate it (coz lets be honest, the lack of info is sometimes due to me being lazy... :P


Martinha said...

Ok, 1 portuguese reader here :P
Congratulations, your translation was perfect!!
About the "do sul" thing. Sul really stands for south but that doesn't mean the place is in the south of something. Actually, the city is in the northeast of São Paulo state. According to a brazilian friend there's a Vargem Grande, without Sul, in another state, north of the country.
I can't find much about the city. The city hall's site isn't working and in wikipedia only says that it's a city in São Paulo state, founded in 1874, with a population of 39.047 inhabitants.
I hope it helps :D
Get better wishes,

Ana said...

Obrigado Marta!!

You are always helpful, i have to say that:)

So, my logic about why the city has 'do Sul' in its name, goes downhill..hahaha..well, its confusing now, of why i city in the northeast has a 'do sul' extension...but all this info-haunting is fun, anyway :)

Gabby Girl said...

You can always type what is in on your postcards into Babel Fish, and it will help you translate things. Just type in Babel Fish into a search engine. It will bring it up for you.

chamadosparair said...

There are five cities with "Varem Grande" as part of the name in Brazil. Of the two you mention, one is very near to the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the state by the same name. The other is in São Paulo state. You can type "Varem Grande" into Google maps and it will show you all five of them.