Monday, September 22, 2008

Butrinti, Albania

And here comes my very first card from Albania...the funny thing is that im actually about to have another Albanian card...and i was informed about it, just shorty after i arranged to have this the same old rule applies..first you dont have any, then you have many :)

Well....this is actually a UNESCO is an ancient Greek city and an archaeological site, near the border with Greece. It is located on a hill, overlooking the Vivari Channel. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Butrint has been the site of an Epirus city and a Roman colony.

It was included in the UNESCO whs list in 1992. In 1997, due to some issues, UNESCO reclassified it as a "Site in danger" because of looting, lack of protection, management and conservation.

The Albanian Government established the Butrint National Park in 2000. With the support of Albanian institutions and the Butrint Foundation the situation was improved to the point that UNESCO removed the site from the danger list by2005. The National Park was also made a UNESCO World Heritage Site during these years as well as a Ramsar Site,

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