Monday, September 22, 2008

Budapest, Hungary (15)

Here is, again, another one of my, way too many Budapest cards...

I dont even know anymore what to write about when it comes to Budapest :)
Oh yeah...believe it or not, I went to Budapest during the Hungaro Ring...BUT i didnt attend the race...why? I wasnt interested in it...I just went there coz thats what the travel agent's offered, and for me it was a way to see Budapest, nothing else...i wasnt watching F1 then (though i did support Mika Hakkinen) i actually started watching it the following year, and either way, when  I went to Budapest, Raikkonen was driving for Sauber Petronas, so to me he was completely unknown...i became aware of him the following year when he transferred to McLaren Mercedes and have been a fan ever i dont really regret i didnt attend the race...actually, on the day of the race, Budapest was empty as hell..and I went with 3 other people walking around the malls and to this amusement park, and i have to say i had a really really great time...oh and its Michael Schumacher who won back then....of course, that was a cliche :)

hmmm, there are some other stories related to Budapest that i have just recalled...but next time...there are PLENTY of Budapest cards awaiting, so no worries ;-)

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