Monday, September 22, 2008

Massachusetts, USA

I received this one as a total was one of my cards in my wish list...and since there are some really kind people out there, who check that album, and saw this card, and sent it to me....a huge Thank You to the Evans Family, for thinking of me and for actually sending me this and making me smile...which is what a RAS is supposed to do :)

Hmmm, no traditional info on the back of the card as it was the case with the other US maps, but here we have something else, so of course, ill go with it.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Nickname: Bay State, Capital: Boston

From the quiet Berkshire Hills, through bustling Boston, to the sands of Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a vacationers' paradise. The state has interesting historic sites, well kept woodland parks and ocean beaches, superb museums, fine hospitals and universities, excellent restaurants and always more to see and do than almost anyplace else.

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