Monday, August 4, 2008

Vilnius, Lithuania

Not so long ago i had a card from Minsk, and told you that I love the name Minsk but that there is also another town from the former USSR whose name is one of my very favorites....and i as well said that getting a card from there its not within sight...until the other day, totally unexpectedly, i found an official card in my mailbox!!!! With its name written on the front of the card!! I still cant believe it!!!!


And there it is Vilnius I was talking about, but didnt want to reveal the name until i get the actual card.
There is something in the combination of consonants and vowels why the name of this city sounds soooooooo incredibly appealing to me! I absolutely love it! In some sense reminds me of Linus from Snoopy and Charlie Brown. That name is also my favourite from that cartoon.

The card itself is asolutely beautiful as well...and on top of that, i have a new country added to my collection...yup, this is my very first card from Lithuania :)


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