Monday, August 4, 2008

Iowa, USA

Map map map map map map map!!!!

I asked for a map card of Michigan (which im gonna show in some of the next posts) and in addition received to other map its 3 new states in total!!! Yay!!!

I quote the sender: "This card doesnt make poor Iowa look very exciting, does it?? Pigs and jail prisoners!"

My reply: This card its absolutely hilarious and i love it coz of that!
Ive been analyzing it more than any other map card probably, and just cant help it but have to laugh each time i look at people's faces, at their expressions, at their attitudes...there is something in the way their eyes/nose/mouth are drawn, which gives them an exquisite personality.....and the animals as well...look at the pigs, or the elephant, or the cow....real comedy!!!!

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