Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vienna, Austria of my favourite places on Earth, EVER!!

Apart from the numerous cards i bought myself when i went there, i also have this one sent to me by a friend who went there. From the postmark, it seems as if it says it was sent in 2003 but i cant tell for sure.
This is one of the unlucky cards which suffered in my water accident...that whitish part under the name of Staatsoper (State Opera), is actually a result of the accident, not some cloud passing by...yeah, i actually must admit, the water got very creative when ruining my cards and decided to at least make some interesting and sensible marks....though if you hold the card in your hand it would be more than obvious to you that something has happened to it...its somewhat bent and feels quite rough at some spots....really pity, coz the card itself is magnificent.

Being a part of the Historic Centre of Vienna, this building is as well a UNESCO whs.

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