Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Egypt (02)

Yay, Egypt! I already have one card from there, but this is my first written and stamped from Egypt itself :)

I dont know why but at first i actually thought the card said "Panoramic Egypt" not "Pharonic" wouldnt have been a big deal, unless it has to deal with a language mistake...since "Pharonic" itself aint a word....the correct one is "Pharaonic"....and i get too picky on things like this...I call it professional damage.

Ive never been to would be nice if i had the chance to go, since i do like travelling, and Egypt with its ancient culture and history is a country of one of a kind...if just it wasnt too hot there...i dont like heat at all :(

Writing about Egypt can be an endless ill just focus a bit on the issue of Pharaohs..

Pharaoh is the title given in modern parlance to the ancient Egyptian kings of all periods. In antiquity it began to be used for the king, who was the religious and political leader of Ancient Egypt. The pharaohs were believed to be the incarnations of the God Horus, the mythological ruler of all Egypt. Although the rulers of Egypt were generally male, pharaoh was also used on the rare occasions when a female ruled.
The most familiar pharaonic headgear was 'nemes' - a striped headcloth.

Ok, if possible, again some help would be needed in identifying the 3 pictures above....I googled for them, but nothing could satisfy my criteria for a perfect match......and if there is something i wouldnt want, is provide wrong details here.....its always wiser to remain silent :)


Martinha said...

I also googled and i've a winner for 2 of the images. The bigger image and the image on the top right corner belong to the Luxor Temple. I found the second image in several sites and the 1st one here:

I also found the 3rd image but it hasn't an identification. You can find it here:

I hope it helps :)

Ana said...

great job Marta, this is more than helpful! Thanks so much!!!

this definitely points out i had been lazy to google more than I already have....

thanks ladies! (Marta and Gaby)