Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wroclaw, Poland

My first card from Wroclaw....out of 4....which somewhat caught me off guard, but in a pleasant way :)

The card shows a multiview of Wroclaw with a Polish map in the middle...yeeeeeeeeeee!!!! A map!!! Yup, im gonna count it under maps as well ;-)) (cant help it).
I cant not say that Wroclaw has a simply beautiful not much of a 'building-interested' type of person, but I do like unique, interesting, beautiful, astonishing yet not pompeous pieces of architecture......Wroclaw definitely scores great points on my list!

Since the letters are probably too tiny and in case you are too lazy to zoom the picture, ill name the pictures for you, starting from top left towards right, then down and so on...

- Ratusz, Ossolinuem, Plac Solny, Rynek, Uniwersytet, Kościół NMP, Sukiennice

Thank you Ksenia for this and the other 3 really pleasantly surprised me ;-)


Gabby Girl said...

Phil's ancestors came from Poland. I think it would fun to go there and see where he originated from. And while we were there, we could just jump over to Germany to see where my ancestors started from.

Ana said...

and afterwards you can head down south as well and drop by ;)