Sunday, July 6, 2008

Matahari Islands, Indonesia

Another of the set of Indonesian cards, showing the Matahari Islands(?).....

This place here looks unnaturally a real real paradise....

If you google for the islands you wont actually get any info...but if you just type 'matahari' gets very interesting...and I wouldnt have related these two things myself.

"At 18, she answered an advertisement in a Dutch newspaper placed by a man looking for a wife. Margaretha married Dutch naval officer Rudolf John MacLeod in Amsterdam. They moved to Java and had two children......The disenchanted Margaretha abandoned him temporarily, moving in with Van Rheedes, who was another Dutch officer. For months she studied the Indonesian traditions intensively, joining a local dance company. In 1897 she revealed her artistic surname Mata Hari via correspondence to her relatives in Holland"

well, I hope you know who Mata Hari was (no, im not thinking of the Bosnian singer here!)

I need info...of the actual EXISTENCE of this place :)

yeah yeah, very funny.....I have this verse by Alanis in my head right now 'you live, you learn...'

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