Friday, July 4, 2008

GuhL !!! :))))))

What, the country name surprised you? sounds weird? doesnt ring a bell where on planet Earth it is actually? Yeah well, to me either, so you are not alone :-)))))


I had to go with this one first for today...this is an official one from Germany, disguised in an AD-CARD!!! Yup, an ad-card!! :)

Im not sure if i had ever stated my feelings towards ad-cards, so ill do it now...NO ad cards for me, please! Thank You!

Now, whats the deal with ad-cards.....I dont hate fact im aware that some of my favourite ones im looking for are probably ad-cards....but i dont like getting them unless i choose them myself. Simple as that!

Here was also that question of 'to register or not to register'....but i be honest, this card is actually VERY decent and its not just a plain magazine paper, glued to some sheet and made as a card...this is probably the most cardboard and firm card i had ever received, so I definitely give credit for that....its not just some 'unnecessary piece of paper lying around' so lets send it and get rid of it (as ive seen some cases) i like the ad....though at first i thought it was for a perfume or a deodorant....the flowers over the woman's head made me think so...then for a while i thought it was a shampoo...coz her hair looks very neat and lovely...until eventually, with my poor German, i read "Von Natur aus Stark"....and figured out its a hair-spray....yay, a point for me! :) Plus, i know you cant see it here, unless you maybe shake the screen and something happens....but this is one of the cards that when you move them, the image changes! (thats why it was impossible for the scanner to capture the 'flower-umbrella' above her head or to make a better scan)

So, all in all, despite the fact i have made a statement of 'no ad-cards' please....i definitely give credit to the girl who sent this....(well she told me herself, "you have to like it" :P)
So i didnt really have much choice left :-))))


putra_mat said...

I'm from Malaysia...
would u like to exchange postcard with me..
Just message me at
Hope can hear from u soon ;p


His Decemberist said...

The moving effect is called lenticular ... kind of like the Finnish ski stamps! :)

Ana said...

I know :)) Just that sounded too scientific in the context of the post so i kept it simple :)

btw, I have seen only one of those Finnish stamps so far....the one with the skier going down the hill....I love those...well, in general, ive always liked the Finnish stamps...