Saturday, July 5, 2008


Oh well, im having a problem....a nice one though, but still its a problem...
Mr.Postman was very kind today and dropped 11 cards into my mailbox!

Among them, 4 map cards, and two new countries!!!

And due to number of reasons, AGAIN, im very left behind with uploading cards, and this time, its total of 36! Yup, thats right....just like 10 days ago i finally finished updating cards I had left behind, and now again, i have 36 more to not complaining, i just wish i could get it going faster and all....and this also makes me think that the chances of Mr. Postman visiting me again during the following week, are very very low, since he brought A LOT OF cards in the past week....but, we'll see.
At least, i finally realized that i prefer if I receive a bunch of cards, even if its once a week, than a single card every day....i dont know why, but there is some SPECIAL feeling in opening the mailbox and seeing that pile inside it....and hold it in my hands...and sneak it inside my room coz otherwise ill have to hear my mum saying 'thats too much, what are you doing? poor postman, his shoulders must hurt coz of your postcards' general, i show them to her gradually, on days when there is no mail at all, so it doesnt seem THAT much at once :)

Another thing I realized is about my aim of getting a card from each country/territory in the world and of all the UNESCO sites....well, thats a really nice aim, but somehow, somewhere, i lost the itch for it...I mean, im delighted when i get a new country or a UNESCO i dont have, but lets face it....there are over 250 different territories (and with all that independence-getting thing, you can always have a new country coming) and there are over 800 UNESCO sites....the chance i get them all are too little....and frankly, i dont want to just focus on that....somewhat feels too much effort and money, plus i dont find the real excitement in it....I just really want to enjoy this in a relaxing way, and get a lot of lovely, interesting cards from wherever it is....coz focusing in just particular cards will make me miss a lot of other great ones....and im just not in the mood to focus on that....its nice to have an aim, but i dont want to, neither i will put all my energy into it...if i get a chance to have a new country, UNESCO, PERFECT....but any card of my wishlist will be also PERFECT and thats my latest announcement....Im a hedonist, I want to enjoy this in all its beauty, not just in particular aims which frankly, dont have any single chance to get fulfilled in the near future.

Well that would be it for now...just needed to make an update here ...I just need to kill this bad mood and get back to the cards....hopefully tomorrow there will be something new (there really are some great cards waiting)....otherwise, ill never manage to keep up with this....I was also supposed to mail out some cards as well today, but.....well, Monday is a must...keeping fingers crossed!


L said...

hello! I was wondering if you would like to trade cards with me - I could send you a card from Scotland in trade for a Macedonian card which is missing in my collection! I could even find a card with Northern Lights on for you :) Please let me know if you would like to by email!

Kind Regards


Ana said...

hi Linn

thats all very nice, except that i dont have your email or anything :)


iPost said...

Fabulous! I am glad that you got the card. You had mentioned that you like the map cards, so I had a few left :0) The most cards I had received in one day was 6! 11 is amazing!

angloko said...

i'm from Malaysia... would u like to private swap with me... I like to receive map cards of your
country, written, date, stamped
hope to hear from u soon


L said...

ah I see - I thought the email addy would be 'attached' to my signature but see know that it isnt :)

My email is: postcrosser83 (at) (replace (at) with @ ofcourse :)

Take Care!