Saturday, July 19, 2008

Glen Muick, Scotland

My first card from Scotland after soooo many years!!!

Definitely Scotland is one of the countries to which i can relate beautiful and amazing nature! Well, every country actually has that, but for some reason, some of those countries have it more emphasized....Macedonia for example has numerous of breathtaking places....but there is not a single damn postcard from those places...which is totally totally wrong...but to whom should i tell this, if the ones responsible for those stuff are not aware of it?

The scenery on the card looks sooo peaceful and so quiet and lovely.....its as if its far away from all the noise, all the pollution, all the everyday stress....if i happen to be at this place, im more than positive it will bring me peace of mind....just sitting on the ground or maybe lying down and enjoying the soft sun-rays, probably with my feet in the water....listening to the birds singing, listening to the water flowing...feeling the breeze....feeling the stillness all around...
how can you not enjoy it?

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