Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cat and Mouse

My first cat-card......the sweetest, cutest, most adorable card in my collection

Now, lets see why is this card so special for me and made me open a label of 'cute cards'

- I love cats....i love animals in general, but cats rank the highest along with dogs
- I dont actually have 'animal cards' on my wish list, but there are certain kind of those, i would love to have, esp. cats
- I love this card coz the cat on it looks like mine! So i LOVE cards which have a cat that looks like mine

thats why this card makes me melt on the first cat card, and above that a cat that looks like my can i not love it??!!
Yeah yeah, im getting very soft here, but i cant help it....i have totally melted ever since i saw this card for the first time...cant express my reaction when it arrived in my cat is one of my softest spots, something i absolutely adore....
though i think the one on the picture is a bit chubbier than my own, or has more fur, i dont know...but its paws are definitely a bit bigger, in a cute way :) and i love the way it looks at the mouse....i wonder if my own one, would do something like this...

there are some commercials as well, which i love and where there is a cat resembling is one of them....well, ill save the others for some other cat cards :)
My favourite part would probably be the end, when the cat stretches sooooo nicely.....its as if am looking at my own cat :)

Thank you Naomi soooooooo terribly much for this card....

DHL Cat Commercial

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