Sunday, July 13, 2008

Colorado, USA

The picture on this card reminds me of a biscuit cake with whipped cream and chocolate and some chopped figure out which is which :)

This is on of those cards which captured me on the first sight...had put it in my wishlist...within a week or so i see it offered and of course go for it :))

Its called "Kissing Camels rock" and is situated in the Garden of the Gods, near Colorado Springs (Colorado).

The parks' outstanding geologic features are ancient sedimentary beds of red and white sandstones, conglomerates and limestone that were deposited horizontally, but have now been tilted vertically and faulted by the immense mountain building forces caused by the uplift of the Pikes Peak massif. The hogbacks, so named because they resemble the backs and spines of a pig, are ridges of sandstone whose layers are tilted. A notable rock feature on this hogback, Kissing Camels, appears to be two very large camels sitting face to face with their lips touching. The hump on the northern-most camel broke off from erosion and heavy climbing.

Hope you managed to spot the camels.

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