Friday, June 27, 2008

Vinkovci, Croatia

Ok, before i get down to the cards, I would like to point out some things.
I finally made a change in a thing that bothered me, especially when i uploaded more than one card a day. Due to the way blogger is programmed, the posts appear as you write them, so the post you wrote first appears then the post you wrote second appears ABOVE that one and comes to be the FIRST one you read instead, this wouldnt have bothered me much if sometimes posts and cards arent related to each other...but the way it was, you end up reading the sequel first and then the original post, which usually ended up quite stupid since, first you read something like "my third card for today is..." which absolutely makes no sense, when thats the first card you get to see....and some other similar examples....its like you read a book, and first you read Chapter 2 and then you read Chapter 1, and in the end the Prologue....feels very backwards and rather stupid, so i finally managed that part and from now on things should get some natural flow :)
And due to being lazy or busy, i always am left behind with cards and end up having them on 'stand-by', waiting to be uploaded, esp. when i get several from a same country, i try to divide them and make a nice variety instead uploading them at once...but eventually i end up taking too much time between those ill finally today upload the ones i have left from before, and make room for some freshly arrived cards :))
Soooo, lets get down to work and start with one of the four Croatian cards i received time ago....this is the third one of them, showing the town of Vinkovci.

Vinkovci is a Croatian town, in Eastern Slavonia, making it the largest town of the Vukovar-Srijem county. It is located on the bank of the Bosut river, 19 km southwest of Vukovar and 43 km south of Osijek.
The town was the birthplace of the Roman Emperors, Valens & Valentinian I. The Roman thermal bath is still preserved as are several other Roman buildings located near the center of today's Vinkovci.

The town features extremely rich cultural and historical heritage, the most interesting attraction being the pre-Romanesque church on Meraja from 1100, with the coats of arms of the kings Koloman and Ladislas as one of the most important medieval cultural monuments in Croatia.

And Vinkovci happens to be twinned with the Macedonian town of Ohrid :)

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The Potwari Stereotype said...

Hi Ana,
Your blog is awesome too! I still need to make some changes to mine.
And i recently received a Belgian mapcard just like the one you received. But sadly I don't know who its from!

Maybe we can have a swap sometime,

goodluck with your collection!
the Stereotype...