Friday, June 27, 2008

Enkhuizen, The Netherlands (03)

This is my third card from Enkhuizen so far and i have to say that for each of them, ive read some interesting facts.

This here represents the Western City Gate. Visitors by train will think that they only arrive in town after passing this gate, however, 2km of outlying wasteland belong to the town as well. (according to the sender)


Sietse said...

Well, that's what I call it... Wasteland. Especially the people living in that area might want to argue about that.

Sorry about the bad English on the postcard, by the way. I got the first few words wrong and so I either had to write a twisted message, or I had to buy a new one. I guess I was lazy...

Ana said...

I like the word Wasteland :)
Actually, ive liked it ever since we had that poetry lesson at the uni about T.S.Eliot's "Wasteland"...not coz i so much like the poem...the word just sounded too interesting :)