Friday, June 27, 2008

Slavonija, Croatia

And finally, the last card for today, the last one from the pack of the Croatian cards, and the last one from the left-behinds!

This here, is a more traditional Croatian card, showing Slavonia, which is a region in eastern Croatia. It is a fertile agricultural and forested lowland bounded, in part, by the Drava river in the north, the Sava river in the south and the Danube in the east.
Here you can see, on the left, a man and a woman, dressed in traditional clothes, walking through a vineyard, while on the right, you can see a traditional Slavonian breakfast, consisting of ham, kulen and wine or rakija. Now im not sure how these two things are regarded in the rest of the world...and i always come up with some ambigious translations about them.
Kulen is a kind of a meat (sausage), with a chilly taste, since the spicies used for its preparation are paprika and garlic. Im not some big meat lover, but in thin slices, kulen tastes good...i like the spiced up aroma it has.
Now, rakija is a kind of an alcoholic drink (considered to be a national drink among some Slavic countries), which is often known as slivovitza and according to one dictionary it can be also translated as home-made brandy, or raki. Well, whichever is correct, i know that it tastes awful to me and impossible to drink even a sip of also has a particular strong smell, and in general a very high-percentage of alcohol, usually 40 % though, the home made one can go up to 60% of alcohol.
One thing this drink is also used for is for relieving fever and high-temperatures. Been there, so i need to say it works....

well, that would be all for out for new stuff...soon (hopefully :))

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