Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Nice Day!

After being ignored from the post-man for like 10 days and thinking there must be some kind of conspiracy against me :D, today was my day! 10 postcards!!!! (and a phone-bill, but i totally ignore that one). 10 postcards, out of which some are so terribly perfect!!!! And a new country!!! (not telling which one yet :))
ahhhh!! a delight!!!!

I just sometimes dont know what I prefer more....to have a card or two arriving frequently, or to have a period of drought and then have a nice pile like this....i really cant decide, but there IS something special in finding dozen of cards in your mailbox...even if its not daily....

They will see the light of the day soon....unfortunately, i still have some previously received left-over cards.....i never manage to actually upload a card upon the day of receiving it....thats why they linger over a period of time and i try to work on the older posts as well simultaneously ....and now i have 10 more added....I really sometimes wish the day lasted longer or that i didnt need to sleep at all, so i could have more time for things to do and all....

Anyway, these days ive also been shamelessly "collecting" cards from galleries and blogs, adding them to my 'wish list' of cards...so ill get that link soon as well (most probably, updated frequently)....its simply amazing how many beautiful cards are out there....and i want them all for myself! :)


marsupial said...

Do you get a lot of cards through postcrossing.com? I just joined yesterday and am very excited about it!

Gabby Girl said...

The person who dies with the most postcards wins.


Ana said...


now that's very "encouraging" :D

i dont think id like to win this one ;-)