Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nessebar, Bulgaria

My friend Kate sent this to me when she went on a holiday here

Kate is a friend from high-school with whom i stayed friends when we continued at university as well...eventually she moved to Italy and got married there....and we were still in touch....until like two years ago, when we ceased contact....and i still think it was my turn to write to her...but you know how it goes...once it gets lingered too much, eventually it gets harder and harder to make yourself sit down and write something until one day you realize two years had passed...which is too much...and what im gonna say? Im sorry, but i was lazy/forgetful/not in the mood? Though honestly, i avoid writing to people when my mood is at some low level....but still its stupid as an excuse...

i just wonder one thing about this this the part of Nessebar which is inscribed as a UNESCO or am i wrong?

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