Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ancona, Italy

A card my dad brought me

He actually went to Germany, but he and his friend went through Italy instead the regular way through the ex-Yugoslav republics. I know they took a ferry from either somewhere in Greece or Albania....then drove through Italy and arrived in Germany....and while there, he picked up this card for me...yup, just one from Italy, but im not ungrateful and im thankful for it...there were more German cards ;-)

there is some verse written in Italian on the back:

"Gli occhi amano le forme belle e varie,
i colori nitidi e ridenti
e la regina stessa dei colori la luce,
inonda tutto cio che si vede."

- S.Agostino, Confessioni

i only know that its about eyes and their colour and maybe shape....if anyone can translate this for me, would be thankful

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