Thursday, April 3, 2008


A rather largish card, which the scanner simply didnt like and it couldnt come out any better than this :/
Brought to me by my mum....when either she went there alone or the years she went with my dad....or that year when i went also but left earlier.....i dont even know the year of this card's arrival in my collection, so it will be left a bit mysterious.

The card shows several different places in Montenegro, out of which, 3 are summer holiday resorts, while the fourth (bottom left corner) is a monastery place.
I wont go into details of each place now, since there are many upcoming Montenegro postcards, of the places individually.....i have a large number of cards from there....probably, Montenegro leads as a country in number of cards i own....i owe that to the few times i went there and always bought as many cards as possible, and to my mum/dad who sent/brought me cards each time they went there....and some other cards sent to me from other people.

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