Friday, April 4, 2008

Monte Carlo, Monaco

From my trip around Europe

One of the reasons why i was excited to visit Monte Carlo no no no, not coz of the casinos and all that luxury....i was thrilled to be present at a place where an F1 race is taking place....even though the time we went there, there was no race....but i was like...all those cars come here...all that fun is here...all that adrenaline is on these streets....and when we went through MC, our bus drove along some of the parts of the streets where the race is taking place and i was indescribably excited....foolish, i know :)

We did go to one of the casinos though....just that, they didnt let us where the real events were taking place, but at one, well, i dont know what its called, it was just a room with slot machines of various kinds....and of course, i didnt win anything, but i like those slot machines with coins coming out....they are fun...and i took one of those 'caps' as a know, those big 'bowls' they give you so you can keep your coins...which reminds me now to look for that...i have NO idea where i had put it....i think i use it to keep stuff....need to check.
Have to add that there were AWESOME cars parked on the lot in front of the casino...gorgeous, huge, furious, expensive cars....

Hopefully until some of the next Monte Carlo cards, i will recall what else we had visited there (im certain there was something else) plus a bit info about the place itself...

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Martinha said...

I've this postcard :P
By the way, you've a lot of beautiful cards. Nice colection but you need more cards from Portugal ;)
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