Friday, April 4, 2008

Belgrade, Serbia (01)

Im not sure how this one had arrived in my it will be one of those of unclassified origin unfortunately

Mmmmmm, Belgrade....definitely the city with great charm and karma....each time i go there, i can feel it...i can even only just have a drive-through without stopping, i always feel something special when i go not sure why...maybe coz from my dad's side i belong i feel some sort of a connection
The first time i went to Belgrade was when i was like 10 years old. I went there for the New Year holidays and stayed with my relatives (my cousin is two years older than me).
Being still a kid and coming from a less developed city from back then Yugoslavia, i was fascinated by Belgrade and the fact it had a McDonald's! In Skopje we didnt have a McDonald's then, so can you even imagine how a child like me felt at the discovery of a McDonald's?? ! (well, dont ask me about my attitude towards it now :))
Another thing i found really fun back then, was that Belgrade had trams! Here we only have buses, so the discovery of a tram was like again discovering a whole new world.
The entire atmosphere just captivated me....the taste of food, the scent of the air, they all felt simply different and charming....
I dont visit Belgrade often, but its charm always remains as its most significant feature for me.

And I know i didnt say a word about the card, but there are many upcoming cards of Belgrade, so eventually you'll get fed up of those :)

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