Friday, April 4, 2008

Budapest, Hungary (01)

Well, this is where ill start to bore you with my Budapest cards...I have them plenty, from the time i went there and some sent or given to will be funny if im "lucky" and some postcrosser sends me, oh well, a Budapest card :)

This one should be from the time i went there, since its blank...though i cant bet my life on it, but its like 99% sure....(i wouldnt risk my life for that 1% :))
Ok, ill just briefly talk something of the card, and my adventures from Budapest will be told throughout some of the other me, there are so many Budapest cards i have, they will be more than enough to talk of that, plus introduce you Budapest in all its light and glory :)

For basics what should you know...its the capital and largest city in Hungary, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (i can confirm that) whose Millennium Underground Railway is the first European one.
Here you can see one of the numerous bridges over the Danube river and in the background its the Parliament building.

That would be for now...I really need to leave something for the upcoming Budapest cards :)

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