Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pula, Croatia

A card brought to me by my aunt from one of her summer holidays spent in Pula

I've been wanting to go with her as well at one of those holidays, but plans never were converted into something real unfortunately....though id LOVE to go on a summer holiday in Croatia....
When I was little, almost every year i went there with my parents, not in Pula, but in various summer resorts in Croatia....and i have so many wonderful memories from there...
We would usually set off in the middle of the night, i would sleep in the back of the car (my mum used to make the back-seat as a small bed) so i would've slept during the entire trip while my dad was driving.
During the day we would have stopped at some places and eventually get to our destination.
I LOVED my holidays in Croatia...i think that they represent like one of the most beautiful memories of my childhood....I still remember the scent of pine-woods which were fulfilling the air.....i remember the red-sand-cliffs which were by the paths we walked....i remember the hotels where we stayed at and how when we went for dinner/lunch, there was always a stall in front of the restaurant which showed whats on the menu and how i knew ahead if im gonna stay hungry or no (i can be too picky when it comes to food, when i was a kid i was a real disaster....thank god, through years, ive put some more items on my edible list)
I remember how they bought me my first plastic tennis rackets and a ball made of something like a sponge-material and how we played on a parking lot...i remember how i hated to wake up early for breakfast and how i always liked the image of the coffee with milk my mum was drinking yet, i wasnt allowed to have one...i always had tea, since i dont drink milk....i remember how my parents were saying i was younger than i actually was so we could get a discount for children under the age of 7 and how i always thought that the staff never believed us yet they could do nothing about it....ahhhh, i so much miss my summer holidays in Croatia....i so much miss my childhood and the good old times in general....

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