Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Back to the neighbourhood with this lovely card from Mostar (out of all the places shown today, the only one I can say I have actually visited myself too :D)

I've written about Mostar before and nothing new I could add here for the time being, but might as well go there again one day, so would share some of those new experiences... I may as well even jump from that bridge, you never know, haha!

Agi used two really nice stamps and the one on the right makes me hungry, even though I've just eaten. It was issued in 2015, celebrating the World Food Day (16 October) - didn't even know that such a day existed - I better note it down so I can celebrate it properly next time :)))
The other stamp is from 2013, issued for the Year of the Snake.

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