Monday, February 19, 2018

Vienna, Austria

Seems that winter days are back =/ Not that we had had any actual winter, but after some days of beautiful sunshine and nice temperatures, it is all gray and dark and rainy and cold again...blah :((
So being that I don't have that many obligations today and the weather is kinda begging you to stay indoors (not difficult to convince me at all), here comes another update, and today it is all dedicated to Postcrossing meeting cards :)
I have received a lot of these over the years, I have already posted some before, some are still left to see the light of the blog, but for today I have randomly chosen the following, most of which arrived during last year.

Will open this with one of the many cards I have received from Anita and from the meetings that have been taking place in Austria. And most of the time they have some specially designed cards for the event, like the one you can see here, where the Postcrossing meeting was merged with a book fair in Vienna - now how perfect is that? Books and postcards! And I'm pretty sure there were cakes somewhere in the story as well :)

I have never really asked who is the designer behind these cards, but now that I think about it, it might be Anita itself actually :) And I am really happy that I had the chance to meet her recently during my one day trip to Graz where from what I thought would be a cup of coffee, turned out into a lovely day well-spent! She really made sure we feel welcome and cosy in Graz!

On the back of course you can see the signatures, where I recognize like just half of the usernames. However, I am delighted with the stamp! Falco! Can't believe it it's been 20 years since he had died (speaking of deaths, today I learned that Stalone has moved into a different world as well...actually seems like a lot of famous people have already said goodbye to this world already this year and one that truly saddened me was when I heard last week that Jóhann Jóhannsson died too =/)

The Falco stamp was issued last year, commemorating 60 years since his birth. And besides the great stamp, the cancellation is also very interesting, though I am not exactly sure if it is supposed to represent something special or no - I see the name of Lustenau given, along with its postcode.

Thanks a lot lot to Anita for this one and all the other lovely cards she has surprised my mailbox with.  

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