Wednesday, January 10, 2018


My dear Agi always somehow managed to stumble upon cards with trains or bicycles and decides to surprise my mailbox! And I was delighted to see that heh, what a coincidence, she has decided to blew dust off her blog as well :D

A few weeks before New Year's I bought new lights for my bicycle. The previous ones were steady-yellow lights, but the new ones are both in colour plus they are flashing, so it is a kind of a totally new attraction on the gloomy streets of Skopje (winters here are always gloomy, aka pollution goes through the roof and despite being a recurring issue year after year, it still persists, the Government keeps buying time until like spring time, when the pollution levels drop down and then everything is just swept under the carpet until next winter and then this vicious circle continues. Believe it or not Skopje was on the top of the list of most polluted cities in the world with cities in India and China trotting behind us. I wish more people rode bicycles, but then again, the Government doesn't really care to improve the conditions nor stimulate the people for that. So who knows, maybe we, the bike-Nazis are the crazy ones...

Agi used this super cool set of Astrophysics stamps issued in 2017! The stamp on the left shows gravitational waves, while the one on the right shows the GAIA Satelite.

Hvala ti puno Aginice! :* <3

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