Sunday, July 2, 2017

Photobucket sends almost a decade of work to hell...

... and it makes me wonder if I've been the only one stupid enough to actually be hosting images on Photobucket instead elsewhere (at this point I am not quite sure why I actually have avoided uploading images directly from my computer...might have something to do with storage, but I really cant tell)

truth to be told, I did receive some email from Photobucket some days ago, that I completely ignored (just glanced over the subject) and continued with whatever else I was doing... and now today when I was like, yay, lets finally make a proper update... not such a pleasant surprise was there for me in store, making me realize that what Photobucket had wanted to tell me was that it had stopped all sorts of 3rd Party Hosting Services, meaning if you want to share your photos on any other place than Photobucket, then you'd have to pay a very "symbolic" amount of $400 per year... I don't think it takes a lot to guess that I am certainly NOT gonna pay for that.

So now, am in the middle of trying to resolve this issue... the step-by-step approach seems sooo tiresome and kinda impossible, but there is nothing else I can think of. If anyone has a genius idea on how to properly solve this, please let me know.
In the meantime, do NOT enjoy the endless number of "Please update your account... " images...

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