Friday, July 15, 2016

Laguna Beach, USA

Well, one more card for today - it all started with a beach so lets ended with one too, this time with one from California.

from the back of the card: Crystal Cove is one of the many beautiful coves that line the coastline of Laguna Beach. These pristine covers make for some of the best swimming in Southern California.

Seems that I am on a streak of surprise cards today, sent throughout the years. Makes me feel kinda special, you know *I wish I had a blushing emoticon here*

Three great stamps - starting from left to right - an amazing The Wizard of Oz stamp! It comes from a set of 4 Classic Film Posters issued in 1990. The middle one shows the Johnny Cash stamp, issued in 2013, while the last one is also from 2013, commemorating the 150th Anniversary of West Virginia Statehood.

Who do I thank for this one?? Well, Bryon of course :) Go and take a look at this cover I received today :D (I'm a bragger, I know :)))

Well, that would be all for today! Have a great weekend ahead! :)

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