Saturday, May 14, 2016

Palanga, Lithuania

Next comes an official I received earlier this year, showing the Sea Bridge of Palanga.


It is considered to be the most popular bridge not just in Palanga, but in Lithuania as well.

At the end of the 19th century Palanga was ruled by Counts Tiškevičiai. They decided to build a dock for ships that could be used to transport bricks made in counts’ brickyard. The dock was built in 1884-1888 and vessel “Phoenix” cruised to Klaipeda and Liepaja. Later, when the export of bricks failed, the ship was used for transportation of passengers. Unfortunately, after storms the dock would be covered in sand so it was realized that the bridge was not suitable for navigation. Since 1892, the pier has become the most popular place for taking walks.
The impacts of time, sea waves and wind destroyed this structure, thus, a new pier of 470 meters in length was built on concrete poles in 1998.

The stamp was issued in 2015 for the World Day of Information Technology Development.

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