Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr. Gahan!!

In the spring of 1962, on 9 May, a baby came to this world that eventually grew up to a handsome man, started singing in a band and ended up changing my life forever. And that man celebrates his 54th birthday today!

Last year a man from down under asked me for swapping blank cards in an general I reject those, but when I notice he had Depeche Mode cards for trade, my rule immediately became an exception :D And thanks to that today I can "toast" to Mr. Gahan's 54th birthday here on the blog!

Thank you Dave for all the energy and emotions ever conveyed through your or DM's songs and to the most fantastic performances on stage. However, as much as I appreciate your solo-career, nothing will ever come close to what Depeche Mode means to me :)

btw, if anyone has ever wondered the meaning behind my email address, this post may give a clue ;-)

from Gahan's last album with Soulsavers (my favourite song from it - it's what mostly resembles the darkness and beauty of DM)

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