Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our Old-Time Freight Train Eqpm't, USA

ok, this is like the only newer card for today, sent recently by Bryon....

this is a piece of art by Gregory Lee Blackstock, who among else is well-known for such visual lists...and I must say I find them really cool...kinda remind me of the Novelles Images.

Born in 1946, Gregory L. Blackstock, a retired Seattle pot washer, draws order out of all the chaos with a pencil, a black marker, and some crayons.
Blackstock is autistic and an artistic savant. He creates visual lists of everything from wasps to hats to emergency vehicles to noisemakers. In the spirit of the Outsider art of Henry Darger and Howard Finster, Blackstock makes art that is stirring in its profusion and detail and inspiring in its simple beauty.
He has never received formal artistic training, yet his renderings clearly and beguilingly show subtle differences and similaritiesenabling the viewer to see, for example, the distinctive features of a dolly varden, a Pacific Coast steelhead cutthroat, and fourteen other types of trout.

this particular card shows the "Our Old-Time Freight Train Eqmp't" dating from 2007, done in graphite, crayon and permanent market on paper.

really cool, dont you think?

The Moon stamp issued this year.

Thank you Bryon for introducing me to such a cool artist!! :)


Eva A. said...

It's cool indeed. I've looked for more of his work and it's amazing!

Ana said...

I've checked out his other works as well while looking for information about him, and his work is amazing indeed :)