Friday, March 18, 2016

Liepāja, Latvia

One more card for today - it is an official I received recently...seems like today I've mainly focused on cards received this year....


The card shows the Liepāja beach at the Baltic Sea in Latvia. 
Liepāja is known throughout Latvia as "The city where the wind is born", most likely because of the constant sea breeze.
It is said that the wind blows over the blue waves of the sea, over the port, the modern architecture and centuries of history to continue on its way all through Latvia.
Well on the card it looks very foggy...I don't really expect so much fog at places with so much wind...or maybe it is just an artistic touch here, who knows...

Two stamps on the card, and a cute kitty sticker :)
Both were issued in 2015 - the right one shows the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, while the other one is from  set of 5 flower stamps - this one shows the Dahrlia sp.

So that would be all for tonight...

Have a great weekend ahead!!

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Eva A. said...

This picture mades me dream.
Maybe part of the frog is actually sand?