Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bratislava, Slovakia

As I mentioned above, we didnt spend the second day in Vienna, but took a one day trip to Bratislava instead....since they had shopping on the agenda...and the thought of it makes me cringe....and we could have just wandered around Vienna again, but the thought of going to Bratislava was much more appealing :)


Well Vienna and Bratislava are like the two capital cities with the shortest distance between them and there is a train every hour going from Vienna to Bratislava, and the trip takes like an hour, so just really feasible...and off we went...not really a high-speed train, I still haven't been on one of those but it is a train!! There was the option to go by boat/ship whatever...but I told my friends they can go by boat if they want, I am going by train and we will meet in Bratislava, no negotiations there...and of course we all went by train in the end :P

and there it is, the Central Station in Bratislava welcoming you :)

Bratislava is one of those places where you have this Old Part of the town, which IS the touristy spot and worth seeing...and the new part of town that you can see from above and that is just not so appealing...unfortunately most of the Bratislava pictures are with my friend...and I still havent gotten those, so ....

On our way to the castle....oh boy...while we were walking up this street, at the distance, I noticed this cute little cat...and I started calling 'mac mac mac - which is the Macedonian version for 'kitty kitty kitty'....and just when we got closer I realized it was a dog...with its owner...thank God the owner didn't understand Macedonian..or at least I hope :)  (and my t-shirt here is about cats too btw :))))

I think that everyone takes pictures with this fella :)))

the Old Town of Bratislava is really worth seeing and a few hours are more than enough...quite a lot of tourists though...and after all that walking we wanted something to eat an chose something that was supposed to be Traditional Slovak Cuisine at a place called Slovak House...I don't remember the name of this thing I ordered.... but this was simply tasteless...and actually what my friends ordered as well and from what I could try, it was all just tasteless...that is even what I've written on my own card - awful cuisine..awful! :)

they say they have the best beer though, and my friends could confirm that...I am one of those people that just HATE beer :)

and here we were waiting for our train back to Vienna at the Central Station...yep, not one of the most impressive Train Stations...but a cool one...and you have this kind of 'ding-dong' prior to each announcement that we kept laughing about...I don't know why...

Cultural Heritage of Slovakia issued in 2009


Tanja Vullers said...

Hi, I like your cat shirt very much! Where can you buy it?

Ana said...

Hi Tanja :)

It is a present from friends actually...they bought it somewhere here in Macedonia, but I don't know where =/

Btw, I had come to your blog some time ago but lost myself when tried posting a comment...I am just not used to using Google+ for this =/