Monday, February 22, 2016

The Devil's Bridge, Antigua

While my HD is in its defragmenting mode, seems that it gets confused at any attempt on working something more serious...but this seems to be working why not use it while we are here...and ok, frankly, i just feel this overall restlessness and anxiety and at times like these, rambling here just eases things for bear with it :)

And first a card from Antigua that I received like two years ago and to be honest, I dont even recall how I ended up with this swap...yeah, I'm terrible in keeping up with my cards...frankly, my unposted cards go back to 2009 *hides in shame*

The card shows The Devil's Bridge, which is a natural limestone arch that over the centuries has been carve by the heavy surf on the Atlantic side of the island.
The crashing surf spouts through blowholes with spectacular eruptions and noise.

(from the back of the card)

important notice:
Visitors to Devil’s Bridge do so at their own risk. The limestone formation is often slippery because of the waves and it is advised people do not walk across the bridge. Swimming at Devil’s Bridge is not allowed.

you have been warned!

a nice small stamp from a set of 15 Fauna stamps issued in 2007, with this one showing a Mesquite...and a "Missent to Malaysia" stamp too....

thanks a bunch to Lindsay for sending this to me!!


Chris Overstreet said...

Macedonia, Malaysia, whatever. :)

Ana said...

as long as it finds its way in the end :P