Thursday, January 7, 2016


One more card for today from another postcard fairy (who has been very precise and generous on missiles). And here we have one of my all time favourite cartoons/comics and that is the Peanuts!

The back of the card mentions the Charles M. Schulz Museum and it says that the strip on front was originally published on November 14, 1954.
I think you can read it well...and it is just hilarious :D

Btw, did you know that there is this Snoopy exhibition in Singapore where you can also send your love through letters, postcards and greeting cards?! It is open till 30 April so don't miss it!
More info about it here - With Love from Snoopy

Have you already watched the new Peanuts movie??  I haven't but I hope to do it soon even though I see it is not on the Cineplexx's repertoire anymore and it was the only one showing it...hmmm

and here come the stamps...two great matching ones from the latest USPS Charlie Brown Christmas issue - and that issue is gorgeous! just gorgeous! ♥

then we have 4 other fantastic stamps issued in 1970, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the American Museum of Natural History, New York. I'm always impressed when I see that such older stamps can still be purchased and used!

edit: after posting it, I realized I have another one I could actually add here...hmm, Bryon, what have you done?! :D

this one's actually just one image of the whole above-mentioned cartoon..but fits in....and that's a pretty cruel female being there :P

stamps are also different, so here you have...ok, the George Washington stamp is more or less well known I least on this blog...but then the middle stamp is for the Year of the Ram issue (beautiful colours) and the one on the very right, also from 2015 is from a set of two Vintage Flowers stamps...

Thank you soo much Bryon!!

And thank you all for reading! See you soon! And now if you'd excuse me I got a tennis match to watch :)

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Bryon D said...

The Charles Schulz museum in Santa Rosa, California is an amazing place and if you are a Peanuts fan, you can find yourself absorbing it for hours. He was an incredibly gifted artist!