Saturday, December 26, 2015

Trains, Hungary

For my last post for today...and for this year actually, I reserved a bunch of train cards from Hungary...and when it comes to train cards, Hungary ranks pretty high on my list, along with Germany, The Netherlands and USA...


The first one is an official, showing the 100th anniversary of the Börgönd (now part of the Székesfehérvár) Tapolca railway line. The picture side of the postcard shows the railway line skirting the northern shore of Lake Balaton together with miniaturised pictures of postcards of the station buildings of the period. In the stamp design of the postcard (featured below) a steam locomotive and Lake Balaton can be seen.
This is a commemorative postcard, issued by the Magyar post, so it i pretty special :)

as I already said before, that is a stamp design on the postcard (at the very right) for the other two stamps - the middle one is from a set of two Fruits stamps issued in 2012 (under the theme 'Cultivated flora of Hungary), and this one here shows us a Pándy sour cherry (among the varieties of sour cherry cultivated in the Carpathian Basin). The other stamp is from a set of 6 furniture stamps issued in 2000 (showing antique chairs).

Among all these cards I have a number that are blank...and of course, have no idea now how they have ended up in my mailbox....this is why I dislike blank cards...I know that when I once visited Budapest, I bought a few...but after all these years, and this hundreds and thousdands of train cards I have, I cant recall exactly which ones are those...anyways, the card above shows a Steam Engine No. 424 287 of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) in Lajosmizse on Sept. 1st 1988.
Even though I'm a train fanatic, I am NOT an I cant really go into some further elaboration here besides what's written on the back :)

another blank shows the Talent Electric railcar No. 5342 001-4 of MÁV, and diesel locomotive No. 4062 016-0 of MÁV at Hajdu Co. Ltd on May 20th 2007.


Official card with a cool ID :) 
It shows the Children's Railway (Gyermekvasút or Line 7), a narrow gauge railway line in Budapest, which connects Széchényi-hegy and Hűvösvölgy and is 11.2 km long. The former name of the line was Úttörővasút (Pioneer Railway, in reference to the communist scouts).Except the train driver, all of the posts are operated by children aged 10–14, under adult supervision. and it is the world's largest Children's Railway.
Ok, now I definitely need to go back to Budapest...this is just way too cool!! 

The stamp on the left was issued in 2009 and it is from a set of two Christmas stamps...the other one was issued in 2006, featuring Illona Sasvarine who won the bronze medal in 1992 in Table Tennis at the Summer Paralymics in Barcelona, Spain. She had unfortunately passed away in 1999, at the age of just 45.

Again a card with the Steam engine no. 424 287, this time with a special train in the summer of 2002.

A card that arrived from a swap with Veronika, featuring the Budapest Cog-wheel Railway, officially called Tram line number 60 (BKV No. 61+51), on 24th of February 1997. 

the stamp was issued in 2012 in a set of two "Health Tourism" stamps, featuring spas. (This one shows the Rudas Baths - thermal baths in Budapest).

from a swap with Frank - problem is the text is covered with stamps so I cannot decipher much...except that the image dates from December 22nd 2003 - so just a bit over 12 years sorry....

it is a 2010 stamp from a set of two from a Joint issue with Iran.

blankie......Joseph Haydn named Siemens Taurus electric locomotive no. 1047 504-4 of ROeEE AG at Győr station on August 18th 2009. P-6400 kW, Vmax = 230km/h 


One more card from the Children's Railway, an official from Katalin (a DM fan! :D - she is my FB friend as well).
This one here shows the narrow-gauge steam engine no. 490 056 in 2007 in Szépjuhászné. 

and look at that stamp on the top!! an F1 one!!! It was issued in 2010, featuring the 25th Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix!! Thanks sooo much Katalin!!!

Steam Engine no. 22.034 (ex. 275 034) of Hungarian State Railways exhibited in the Hungarian Railway Museum on October 20th 2002.


and juuuust one official one....showing the Stadler electric railcar No. 5341 001-5 near Komarom on September 4th 2008.

Ok, is it just me, or the Hungarians are like fascinated with dates??!!! I havent noticed such a thing in train cards from other countries, stating exact dates! Or this dates-fascination is when it comes to trains only? I find it odd, but also amusing..

and this last stamp was also issued in 2010, commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Frederic Chopin, 1810-1849.

So people, that would be it...thank you for reading, thank you for dropping by, thank you for sending me postcards...thank you for everything! I hope that 2016 will be more fruitful blog-wise and that I will have the chance to proudly present my small little gems :)

Enjoy your New Year's Eve, wherever you are and whatever you do, and I'll see you next year! A big big big hug to you all!!!!  

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