Friday, December 19, 2014

Marina Bay, Singapore

This card arrived as a surprise earlier this year from Valentina who had the chance to attend a PC meeting in Singapore...and im really glad that she thought of me and got to send me a card...I love receiving meeting cards...they feel so special! :)

Frankly I think I recognize just one more name on the card...but then again I haven't really been in touch with many people from Singapore so I barely know any.
The card shows the Marina Bay...and since I had once posted about it, I won't be boring you again with it, but you can just check the post here if you want...

a nice stamp issued in 2011 in a set of four stamps representing Areas of Historical Significance in Singapore...this one is called Joo Chiat and is a residential conservation area in the eastern part of Singapore.


Another card of the Marina Bay...this one arrived as an official back in 2012

two more lovely stamps, again issued in 2011...these are from a set of eight Fauna stamps, representing the Life in the Pond; the stamp on the left shows the White Collared Kingfisher, while the other one shows the Ornate Coraltail.

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