Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kingston, Norfolk Island

Sunday morning...hmm, well ok, it is almost noon actually...but with this chilly cloudy weather it still feels like morning...not that I mind though...I love it this long as it doesn't rain when I have errands to do outside the house...

well despite having some work to do, I just dont feel like it at ALL...i mean AT ALL!! But I dont feel like just wasting time there always comes a back up, it's been a while since I did an here we are =)

Before I actually get down to it, if anyone's interested in my postman-saga...he did come the Monday before the last that makes it like almost two weeks ago...early in the morning...both me and my mum 'greeted' far from a 'heartwarming welcoming' manner..words-attack...blah blah blah from both of us...while he just stood there with this innocent and apologetic kind of attitude...that after like a minute of our 'lecturing rant' we both started feeling sorry for him and actually kinda regretted we started arguing in the first place...yep, that's the kind of man he is....which of course, doesnt free him of his guilt...but he makes you start thinking like 'ok, at least he does come from time to time and brings the mail, let's not make a big drama out of this'...yep, I hate myself for that, but I just couldnt help it...and of course, he hasnt come ever since, but at this point, I just cant really bother about it...the only thing i wonder is if it's just me having this problem, or the rest of the neighbours as well...and I dont think i'll find out cos the parametres of the experiment aren't really comparable here...he doesn't have to bring piles of postcards and letters to others...

He brought bunch of mail...that surely didn't just appear overnight, but he's been keeping it God knows where, since there was nothing at the PO either...gahh, he is really driving me insane you know..and it is just frustrating that there is obviously nothing I can do about it but just sit and wait...

well, what spares him the big trouble is that he brought a brand new country for my collection...written and stamped! Norfolk Island!! Oh yeah baby :D :D :D

Thanks a whole lot to Azzi for having hosted yet another cool group and for still not getting tired of me intruding those groups =) but yeah, I get greedy at opportunities like this...and I think most of the collectors would anyways =)
And frankly, I didnt really believe I would get the chance to receive a card from here...but I guess karma does like me sometimes...I thank her for that...and I promise I will return with a lot of good deeds as well.
Anyways....the card shows an aerial view over Kingston, NI's capital. To make a small clarification...Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia and is part of the Commonwealth of Australia but enjoys a large degree of self-governance (and has its own stamps too :D). Together with two neighbouring islands, it forms one of Australia's external territories

I've learned that Kingston is actually in the centre of the Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area, which was inscribed on the World Heritage List as one of the group of eleven Australian Convict Sites.. Why the name convict sites you may ask? Because it constitutes an outstanding and large-scale example of the forced migration of convicts, who were condemned to transportation to distant colonies of the British Empire.

and last, but not is a LOVELY LOVELY view card!!

and GORGEOUS GORGEOUS stamps as well!! From a set of 6 Coastline stamps issued in 2013.
On the left stamp is Anson Bay, while on the right one is Bumboras.

Thanks soo soo so much again Azzi!

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