Sunday, September 7, 2014


a nice Argentinian map card...even though the map doesn't really come into perspective here...the images somewhat 'distract' the attention...but still, I love it! And it is like my one and only map card from Argentina so far!

as for the images...well ok, I can guess the 'tango', and 'Patagonia'...and the Iguazú Falls...and those colourful houses could probably be from Buenos Aires, though im not 100% sure.
Well, much much better guessing here compared to the Iraqi card...

three nice stamps...the first two were issued in 2008...the tree stamp commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Forestry in Argentina, while the other one is from a set of 6 stamps representing tourist attractions...on this one you can see Ushuaia. Oh boy now I remembered..I am waiting for a card from first one from there...and I was soo much looking forward to it...but now I start wondering if that human being that calls himself a postman, will ever bring it to me... the last stamp was issued in 2009, in a set of two stamps, representing the International Stamp Exhibition ITALIA 2009 - Rome, italy - though on the stamp you can see the Teatro Colon in Buenos Im a bit confused, but oh's not like it's the first time..


SJ Logger said...

The colorful houses are most likely found in the La Boca district of Buenos Aires. Top right I'm pretty sure is the Casa Rosada, with the Obelisk in front. Don't remember the name of the square. I do believe the Casa Rosada is the presidential residence.

Ana said...

Dank je, dank je! :D yeah, now that you mentioned it, i googled it and it looks like Casa more down, few more to go =)