Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prague, The Czech Republic

So Zagreb didn't happen...and despite all the regrets I just had to accept the fact I had missed a great opportunity and that it was me to blame..and just had to face the fact that that was it..no more DM until the next tour...if there is one in the first place..

well, that's what I was thinking...but then Nataša came to ruin my plans..and Ill be eternally thankful she did...she had this idea that we go to some place else and enjoy DM once more...she needn't have said things twice...I was all up for it...the only problematic thing (for me at least) was the destination and how to get there..we narrowed things down to Milan and Prague...the idea of going to Milan wasn't really appealing to me for two reasons - 1. I've already been to Milan  2. I didn't really like it...so just going to a place I don't really have nice memories of didn't make sense...Prague on the other hand..well I haven't been there...and I so much wanted to go...so Prague it was...and though Nataša may not share the same sentiments, I fell in love with Prague at the very first sight...and it has become my favourite place ever visited, dethroning Vienna after holding that spot for years!  And yes, I dreamt last night I had gone to Prague, so it was like a sign that I should finally get this post done..and I was soo absorbed with emotions in that dream...emotions that only Prague can invoke...need I tell you about my disappointment when I woke up?

My journey to Prague started with a short stop in Zagreb, to 'pick up' Nataša, and I used the opportunity to meet a dear friend as well...which caused some delays but I hope Nataša has forgiven me by now 
Prague captivated me at the very first glance..staying there for five days just made my feelings grow stronger and removing any doubts about our relationship...would love to go back there again and just chill out, exploring restaurants, bars and coffee shops while writing postcards...

the concert itself was fantastic of course..and it was on Martin's birthday too, 23 July! Can you believe it?? We didn't have fan pit tickets (they were all sold out of course), but it didn't matter..I wanted to see how it feels to enjoy them from the back..and it was good...and we sang Happy Birthday to Martin.....probably my favourite part of the entire concert since it was in-between "Higher Love" and "Shake the Disease"...two awesome performances by Gore himself...and yes, I do feel extra happy that I got to personally witness the HB moment...totally unplanned, I got to pick a Prague show on Martin's b-day...here's the clip if someone is curious...I know I've watched it over and over again, because both of the songs are among my favourites as well..

it feels so heartwarming to see all those people holding the b-day wishes for Martin (well for me, if you aren't really a fan, then it probably means nothing), and then, as a cherry on top, comes Gahan with a kiss for Martin...and the audience goes wild :)
yes, here I got to listen to "Shake the Disease" live...at each concert there was one new song, so don't tell me it wasn't worth going to all three of them...:P

back to Prague and the postcard...of course I had to send one to myself...ok, actually it was Nataša who wrote it and sent it, I picked it..and that's why i am showing this card in its almost full size...ive already mentioned that it is not always easy to choose what to send to yourself...but I still cant figure out why oh why did I choose this one...cos it was huge? cos I was all like, well I have so many cards from Prague already and this one or that one is very likely someone's gonna send it to me..eventually (I've gotten psychic all of a sudden)...the Jewish cemetery was cool but not like my favourite place in Prague..so yeah, a rather illogical choice...and a proof that size does not matter, so don't fool yourselves about it...

some facts and figures while we are already here...
the cemetery lies in the Josefov, the Jewish Quarter of Prague. It was in use from the early 15th century (the oldest preserved tombstone, the one of Avigdor Kara, dates back to 1439) until 1787. Its ancestor was a cemetery called "The Jewish Garden", which was found in archaeological excavations under the Vladislavova street, New Town. The numbers of grave stones and numbers of people buried there are uncertain, because there are layers of tombs. However, it has been estimated that there are approximately 12,000 tombstones presently visible, and there may be as many as 100,000 burials in all.
Here you can also see the Klaussen Synagogue, located at the entrance of the cemetery.
the stamps sold at the post office were of course, nothing fancy and without the possibility to have a few to choose from...so as usual, it is a boring one...issued in 2011 in a set of two Folk Architecture stamps...and the funny moment when the lady at the counter starts measuring every single postcard...I will never, ever ever understand why someone even thinks of measuring them...i mean, they surely do not exceed the standard of 20 grams...

and funny that earlier last year I also received a card of the Jewish cemetery...but who could have remembered that while in Prague....not me obviously...

and this one comes with a lovely Mucha stamp, from a set of two stamps issued in 2010 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birthday...
When it comes to Mucha, that's a story about itself...and seems I haven't posted any Mucha cards so far, so should change that in the future...

edit: with so many cards, and an avalanche of thoughts, it was bound to happen...i overlooked this one more card from the Jewish cemetery, giving us a close up of one of the grave stones:


arrived as an official earlier this year...if you can tell me what's inscribed in here, go ahead..it will be highly appreciated :)

and the card arrived with some gorgeous stamps! a
the great train stamp from a set of two issued in 1995, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Olomouc-Prague railway line. Next to it is a car stamp from a set of two Means of transportation stamps issued in 2013...and the last one is just soo beautiful!! Issued in 2002 in a set of two stamps representing UNESCO whs cities. This one shows the chateau complex in Litomyšl
So it would have really been a pity not to include this card as well...even though now this post became even longer than it initially was :)

geez, I just realized how long this post is...ouch! sorry sorry sorry...blame it on Prague! :)

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