Sunday, August 17, 2014

Northern Ireland

After a failed attempt to go to sleep, I thought that I at least use the time somewhat wisely, instead of just watching a movie or something...and at an hour past midnight, I don't really have the focus for reading...I feel that I am not fully 'armed' for rambling either, so I guess that's a good sign :P Let's just see if I'm up for going through all the cards I've foreseen for today...

I'll start today's update with a country long time neglected, even though Alvin sent me this card back in 2012...her majesty of Northern Ireland

What I really love about it is the colours, esp those violet tones..and everything feels like in harmony.

from the backside: Northern Ireland within its compass, incorporates arguably the most diverse array of inherent natural beauty in Western Europe. Its magnificent mountain ranges, fascinating river scenery, barren plains, glens and rolling hills, have down through the years, earned the country a mystic fascination which has no precedent.

Yeah, I have this inexplicable fascination with Northern Ireland too...might have to blame it on Belfast of the most emotionally powerful songs like EVER! The black and white video just adds to it...

now that I've mentioned it, I may just as well add it for you to enjoy...such a pity though they didn't play this one at their concert here a few months ago...and I so much hoped they will...

no NI stamps of course, so just the usual Royal Mail ones, with the inevitable Queen :) and a great Paralympics stamp issued in 2012 in a total of 33 different stamps, representing Gold Medal Winners - this one shows Neil Fachie and Barney Storey who won Great Britain's third gold medal of the Paralympic Games track cycling programme in the tandem one-kilometre time-trial at the London 2012 velodrome.

Thanks Alvin!!


The Traveler said...

Hi, Ana!
I love your blog. I'll add it in the blogroll of my blog FILATELIA CULTURA ( I invite you to visit it. If you write me an e-mail with your postal address, I can send you postacards from my travels.
Albert, The Traveler (from Barcelona)

Kevin Miller said...

Hi Ana,
I read about Northern Ireland in wiki and found out that it was created as a part of the UK by the Govt of Ireland Act 1920, and until 1972 it was self-governing within the UK with its own parliament and prime minister. I think what makes Ireland a nice place to go to for people (especially nature lovers) is because of its rolling green pastures and rich Irish culture.
I checked out my favorite online stamp catalogue named, but I can’t seem to find the Paralympics stamp shown in your post here. I guess they don’t yet have this stamp in their online catalogue. Thanks for sharing, Ana!

Ana said...

Albert, thank you for dropping by and the kind words...will surely mail you later today :)

Kevin..I often use as a cross reference for the stamps when I need some info...and the paralympics is shown there indeed