Sunday, August 31, 2014

Minnesota Wild Rice, USA

ok, one more for today only..

a lovely card sent by Maggie back in 2012....and since that was long ago, Im utterly confused with the words, RAS + swap on the backside, and have no idea in which category it should fit in  *feeling embarrassed* - that's what happens when I take YEARS literally to post some cards...maybe Maggie will remember though and save me :)

the card shows a wild rice field in Minnesota, and as the text on the back says:

The official state grain of Minnesota, Wild Rice, grows naturally in the shallow waters of lakes in the central and northern parts of the state. It is harvested from lakes in the traditional Anishinabe (Native American) way, from canoes.

I absolutely love rice, but I don't think I've ever tried wild Im curious...

and some summerish stamps :)  two Aloha stamps, with Hawaiian t-shirts, issued in 2012 in a set of 5...and another 2012 stamp from the set of Bonsai Trees, also issued in a set of 5 stamps...this one here shows the Black Pine.

Thanks a bunch Maggie!!

so, that would be all...hope August treated you well and you will leave it with nice memories...and hopefully September will be even's about time to start getting ready for autumn...I just hope we will have an actual autumn, and not the summer-like one...

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