Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Depeche Mode

This update should have happened time ago...practically since last year...but all the time I was somehow searching for a commemorative date to do it...and then of course, all the commemorative dates I had in mind - I missed them..well, nothing surprising when it comes to me...but I think that now it is about time it happens...and well, I had this some kind of sign last night, which was like, yeah damn it, go on and post it for once!

Maybe the start of this whole update is a bit confusing for you..and you are wondering like, what the hell is she going to talk about? Annoy us with DM songs and stuff..AGAIN??
Well, partially yes...but I also just wanted to use this as an opportunity to mention a few trips I took last year...cos of Depeche Mode of course..and where I used the opportunity to mail myself a card or two as well...and to you of course :)
Don't know if I'll manage to put it up all at once...but, nyways, last year DM had this fantastic world tour, and I spoiled myself a bit by giving myself the chance to go not to one, not to two, but to three concerts in total! Truth is, I should have gone to at least one or two more...but at the time being I thought it wasn't so achievable...silly me =/

Now, this first card as you can see, does not refer to the last year's tour...but it is fitting for the opening post..esp. since the first concert I attended was in Sofia, on the Sunday of 12.05.2013...and I couldn't possibly send myself a card from there since time and all were all limited

I received this DM card (and my only Depeche Mode actual postcard) from dear Nataša...it comes from DM's previous tour in 2009, when I had the tickets for the Belgrade show which in the end got cancelled...yeah, my luck...that event itself actually ended up being a real turning point in my life and led to some interesting life circumstances later, so I guess it all happens for a reason

then in 2011 I also received this fantastic Martin Gore card (the DM genius who has managed to write the lyrics with all the things I've ever wanted to say but could never find the right words...and he does it in such a simple and subtle way..)
The picture is also the cover of his Counterfiet 2 album (my favourite song thereof will follow)..and I will always be thankful to Olessia from Russia for sending it to me...I just love love love it...it so perfectly reflects Martin's emotions and depths of his soul..

even though originally not written by Martin, his performance is just perfect...I love the dark, gloomy atmosphere he brings to it

Anyways, I got carried away here..the concert in Sofia was just fantastic...the only problem was that we got there rather later than I wanted to (that's what happens when you go with a huge group), but in the end I did manage to get my first-row spot...and that's what counts! :D

Personal Jesus always ends up in a fantastic performance!

Ok, another downside was that it started raining even before the concert...and that didn't feel really pleasant, esp. since I was already starting to feel unwell...by the time I got back home the next morning I already declared myself ill...which was just confirmed as bronchitis by the doctor later...which wouldn't have called for an alert if  I wasn't to attend the concert in Belgrade just one week later...and we all know that bronchitis can be very nasty and not go away so easily...

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