Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cayman Islands

On this 31st day of the month, when we are about to bid farewell to August, I'd like to use my current good will and mood and post a few cards before we roll into September...seriously, ever since I've come back from the astronomy camp I've been doing nothing but idle, eat and sleep...and stare at some blank point in front of me...I don't remember when was the last time I felt so apathetic about stuff and life in general...but I think that this anxiety attack last night did get me sober, and got me back on track somewhat...well, the fact I've been all excited about writing and life today is an actual proof...and it does feel good to be back :)

I will give you more insight about the camp in some of the future a few words for was FREAKING GOOD! They should definitely happen more than just once per year...but the prospects for now are that the next astronomy camp will happen one year from now...well, better something than nothing I guess...

and after a bit of rambling, as it usually goes, lets get down to business...and a great surprise card from the Cayman Islands, sent by Glenn last arrived here in January though...ohh, now this reminded me I haven't really told you the latest stories about my new postman, but I think I've usurped enough of the chit-chat space for this post so, remind me next time :)

the card shows the so-called Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman...I love it cos it is all soft and sandy...the beach at the astronomy camp wasn't sandy...and no, it wasn't seven miles long...but it was just perfect at 9 am when there was just me, myself and I there...and the waves...what more can you ask for?

don't you sometimes think that she is just omnipresent?! though at least these stamps are much much nicer than the ones issued in GB...issued in 2012 in a set of 4 stamps commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Accesion of her Majesty....

thanks a lot Glenn!!

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