Sunday, August 3, 2014

Calendar Poster 1937, Hong Kong

a cool card from Hong Kong..

from what I could get, it shows the HK’s Iconic ‘Two Girls’ Kwong Sang Hong Cosmetics Brand (in case you thought it is alcohol related, you are not the only one :P)

The card shows one of the posters used for the promotion of this brand that dates back to 1898...Back then, only a handful of rich families and expats could afford foreign cosmetics and seeing a gap in the market, Fung Fook Tien launched KSH. Legend has it that Fung’s branding was inspired by two beautiful women he spotted in the street, whilst another version suggests they came to him in a dream.
The funny thing I read related to this was that the girls featured on early labels and advertisements were actually men disguised as women, since – in feudal society – women were rarely allowed outdoors and models were impossible to find.

So...what do you think, are these two ladies actual ladies or...? Im a bit puzzled here...

the stamp is from a set of 6 stamps issued in 2013, under the name of "My Pet and I"...and here the pet is a rabbit...cute!!

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